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I want a new tattoo...

I know that my LVAD doctor and my cardiologist would both say NO, but I really want a new tattoo before I get a transplant and am on imuno suppressant meds. I know that they want to be clear of any sort of infection but is there really a big risk if the tattoo artist sterilizes his needles and I take care of the tattoo as it heals?

Thanks, Bret

what a good wish

Really your wish is good.

Try for it.

Try for it.

well if you are ready to take

well if you are ready to take the risk, go with it..but still is a new tattoo worth it??if you want it that badly get a temporary tattoo - no needles, no risks..at least this is how a friend of mine from http://www.writemyessayfast.org/ resolved the same problem you are in

I hope you are done tattoo. I

I hope you are done tattoo. I love tattoos